S’eu Restaurant

Hydrama Grand Hotel proudly presents the contemporary Greek cuisine; a unique gastro story.

Here the spotlight falls onto the raw material of the Greek land, in a special environment where Mediterranean nutrition meets high gastronomy. The end result will leave you in awe!

The wine list that accompanies the menu, stretches from local vineyards to international terroir. A true feast for all your senses, in a thrifty and warm space.

The restaurant area is made up of three rooms: the main dining area, S’ευ, which overlooks the Short Films Festival building. The second room, the Office, is named after the old central office of the warehouse, and comes with a balcony that overlooks the lake. Finally the third room, the 1+1, is built for a couple or groups up to 8 people.

The Menu

The Menu

"Greek salad" with tomato, cucumber, onions, green peppers, olives, capers, feta cheese, mini barley rusks & potatoes
Burrrata mozzarella with tomato, fresh green salad leaves, semi dried tomatoes & green olives
Green salad with baby spinach, rocket, talagani cheese & blueberries in a citrus sauce
Salad with shrimps "Ceasar style" with lettuce, baby spinach, gruyere flakes, shrimps, turkey fillet in a mayonnaise & mustard sauce
Traditional potato soup with trachana (frumenty/wheat), crispy prosciutto Sary, local yogurt & handmade croutons
Grated carob biscuit with poached egg, greek truffle, asparagus & bechamel sauce with goat cheese & greek red safran
"Mpatzina" greek traditional pie with zucchini, feta cheese, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes confit & seasame seeds
"Gamopilafo" creatan style "risotto" with lamb cooked in chicken broth, accompanied with yogurt
Fried eggs with kavourma (beef meat) in a light spicy tomato sauce with feta cheese
Ravioli pasta with variety of mushrooms stuffed with cheese in a creamy sauce with aged gruyere cheese
Beef cheeks ragout with orzo & caramelized small onions "stifado style"
Chicken "ballotin" stuffed with eggplants, zucchini & gruyere cheese in sour cream with mint. Accompanied with mini potatoes in a crust
Smoked & salted pork "fricassee style" with lettuce, spring onions, dill in a lemon sauce
Fresh salmon on a herb crust in butter sauce with taragon & lemon. Accompanied with asparagus, broccoli & cauliflower sauted
"Soutzoukakia" with beef & pork mince meat in a flavory tomato sauce with garlic & cymin, served in sfakiani pie with goat cheese
Grouper fish poached with pine nuts seeds, raisins in a sweet & sour sauce. Served with potato puree
Beef fillet grilled with authentical gravy sauce. Accompanied with green beans sauted with almond fillet & glazed carrots
Chicken breast fillet on the grill. Accompanied with grilled vegetables & potatoes
Burger patties with beef & pork mince meat on the grill. Accompanied with grilled vegetables & potatoes
Pork chop on the grill. Accompanied with grilled vegetables & potatoes
Apple pie with aromatic pastry cream & blueberry sauce
Chocolate souffle freshly baked with butter caramel sauce
Fruit salad with seasonal fruits
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