S’eu Restaurant

Hydrama Grand Hotel proudly presents the contemporary Greek cuisine; a unique gastro story.

Here the spotlight falls onto the raw material of the Greek land, in a special environment where Mediterranean nutrition meets high gastronomy. The end result will leave you in awe!

The wine list that accompanies the menu, stretches from local vineyards to international terroir. A true feast for all your senses, in a thrifty and warm space.

The restaurant area is made up of three rooms: the main dining area, S’ευ, which overlooks the Short Films Festival building. The second room, the Office, is named after the old central office of the warehouse, and comes with a balcony that overlooks the lake. Finally the third room, the 1+1, is built for a couple or groups up to 8 people.

The Menu

The Menu

Caramelized beetroot with feta cheese foam, beetroot puree and peanut butter vinaigrette
Seasonal local herbs slowly cooked in olive oil, served with a poached egg, cream from graviera cheese, sautéed porcini and topped with truffle duxelle
Green salad with tangerine, local prosciutto, pistachios and citrus vinaigrette
Green salad with spinach and arugula, accompanied with manouri cheese, traditional filo pastry with black and white sesame seeds, served with a white balsamic vinaigrette, honey and a hind of chilly
Cauliflower soup with coconut and lime, served with shrimps and coriander oil
Sautéed variety of wild mushrooms with stew onions, sweet carrot puree, served with extra virgin olive oil and parsley flakes
Fried semi hard cheese “Metsovone” with sauce of local berries
Mussels with tomato sponge cake, olive puree and paprika oil
Grilled shrimps marinated in garlic and sundried tomatoes, served with avocado puree, beetroot marmalade and topped with a dill infused olive oil and pickled radish
Traditional orzo pasta with black garlic, sweet pumpkin, sautéed mushrooms, sundried tomato, zuccini chips, feta cheese foam and extra virgin olive oil
Risotto with caramelized seasonal fruit, smoked ham, local sour cream, parsley and pastrami crisps
Slow cooked pancetta with giant bean puree, crispy leaks, pickled apple and a baked potato broth
Sous vide chicken fillet, served with tomato and herbs sauce, onion stew, and cannelloni filled with graviera cheese and celeriac root puree and local prosciutto chips
Fish of the day with worm lentil salad, cod caviar and almonds puree served with tahini sauce
Braised lamb shin, served with slow cooked in olive oil seasonal herbs, baked leak puree and a lemon and aloysia sauce
Veal with vanilla and vine sauce, carrot puree, sautéed mushrooms and sweet potato chips
Beef fillet with sautéed potatoes, broccoli puree and white bean sauce
Baklava sheets roasted with nuts, served with creamy patisserie and berries
Halva crème, with almond crocant, chocolate halva pieces and lemon zest confit s
Chocolate namelaka with fegientin and tangerine sorbet
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