S’eu Restaurant

Hydrama Grand Hotel proudly presents the contemporary Greek cuisine; a unique gastro story.

Here the spotlight falls onto the raw material of the Greek land, in a special environment where Mediterranean nutrition meets high gastronomy. The end result will leave you in awe!

The wine list that accompanies the menu, stretches from local vineyards to international terroir. A true feast for all your senses, in a thrifty and warm space.

The restaurant area is made up of three rooms: the main dining area, S’ευ, which overlooks the Short Films Festival building. The second room, the Office, is named after the old central office of the warehouse, and comes with a balcony that overlooks the lake. Finally the third room, the 1+1, is built for a couple or groups up to 8 people.

The Menu

The Menu

Mizithra Cheese Cake | Mizithra cheese|Rusk|Tomato|Cucumber|Pickled Onion|Olives|Avocado
Talagani Salad | Spinach|Arugula|Talagani cheese|Fresh local berries|Radish
Pollen Salad | Variety of Lettuces|Edible flowers|Manouri|Sesame crocan
Peas soup | Prosciutto|Mint|Sour Cream|Crostini
Wild Mushrooms | Savoury biscuit|Goat cheese|Poached egg|Peppers|Truffle
Seafood Risotto | Tomato water|Herbs|Graviera cheese
Traditional Noodles | Beef|Parsley|Parmesan cheese|Truffle
Chicken Fillet | Baby carrots|Sour Cream|Mint|Curry
Sea Bass | Green Beans|Smoked Fava beans|Almond|Dill|Lemon|Cod Eggs
Beef Fillet minion | Baby potatoes|Sauteed mushrooms|Porto sauce
Rice Pudding | Coconut|Coffee sponge|Mango ice cream
Panna Cotta | White Chocolate|Fresh berries|Dark chocolate sauce
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