Natural Sites

Cave of Aggitis

The only fluvial cave of Greece that is recovered.

It is a linear but not rectilinear tube that was created by the erosion of lime stone of Mount Falakro. Very close to the main entrance, archeologists brought to light some very important findings from the Paleolithic and the Paleontological era, that are now exposed at the Archeological Museum of Drama. The cave is 21km long but only 500m of it are accessible. The inside of the cave has a stabletemperature of 17 Celsius and a very impressive landscape. As the visitor walks along the path and over the bridge, against the water flow, he can gaze upon the unique interior of the cave which is made up of red and white stalactite.

Distance from the Hotel: 26,1km

Alistrati Cave

One of the most beautiful caves in Greece, with a breathtaking interior, only 6km southeast of Alistrati.

The marvelous Alistrati cave, with its unique natural ventilation system in all its halls, was born from natural phenomena that occurred nearly 2.000.000 years ago. The cave has a stable temperature (18 Celsius in winter time and 20 Celsius in spring time) and an accessible area of 1100, on a completely flat ground.

Website: www.alistraticave.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 30km

Elatia Forest (Karadere)

Elatia forest is part of the prefecture of Drama and is part of the central sierra Rodopi. The highest peak is called “Tsakalos” and is 1.826m above sea level.

It is the biggest domestic forest, as it spreads over an area of 700 square kilometers and its flora consists of spruce trees, cedars, oaks, pine trees, wild roses, birch trees etc. In the west side of the mountain (location “Magoula”) one can find the unique in all of Greece birch forest. In general, the flora system of Elatia is very rich (more than 700 species), with a a part of that number being indigenous and indeed rare for our domestic eco system. Finally a good number of edible mushrooms can be found throughout the forest.

Official Website Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park

Distance from the Hotel: 64km

Frakto Virgin Forest

Παρθένο Δάσος Φρακτού Δράμα

Mount Frakto is 40km away from the city of Drama. For centuries now the northeast part of the mountain is dominated by an “organic Parthenon”, the largest undisturbed Monument of Nature throughout Europe, the Virgin forest of Paranesi, 5892 acres big and divided in two sections (5020 and 872 acres respectively). It has been declared as a “Natural Monument” and it is the only virgin forest of the country. It is considered one of the most important forest systems in Europe and since 1980 it has been under special treatment. To visit the forest one needs to have a visitor’s pass (24 hours), provided by the local Forestry.

Trees here live up to 500 years and can grow to impressive sizes (59m high and 1,20m in diameter for pine trees and 45m high for Fagus sp). Steep slopes and small streams help the formation of waterfalls. As far as flora is concerned, the Frakto forest is quite exceptional as there are 15 taxa species. Fauna wise there is a rich list with a considerable population density. Birds in specific have more than 120 different kinds, a quarter of which needs to be under protective programs, whereas mammals ‘ bio diversity consists of 32 different species.

The most important ecological value of the forest is the undisturbed ecosystem. The later holds great importance as it can be used as a case study for the dynamic development of other forestry eco systems. The forest covers a total area of 1072 acres, 589 of which are characterized as Protected Zone, 269 acres are protected by a special bill from the ministry of Agriculture and 214 are under the protection of the local Forestry Office.

Official Website Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park

Distance from the Hotel: 40km

Trachonio Waterfall (Livaditis)

The Trachoni waterfall is located in the central part of sierra Rodopi and belongs to the municipality of Paranesti.

You can access the waterfall either by going through Arkoudorema (just before Dipotama) using the forest trail that goes through Trachoni for 7 km and then take the path that leads you to waterfall (a 300m path) or you can use the path from Livaditis, Xanthi (1800m).

It is definitely the most impressive waterfall of the central part of sierra Rodopi. It is 40m tall and the surroundings are rich in vegetation and waters. In the greater area around the waterfall there are facilities for roaming around, offering some exceptional spots for gazing at the waterfall. During the winter the waters freeze, thus forming a breath taking ice sculpture.

Distance from the Hotel: 73km

Agia Varvara Waterfall

This waterfall is 18km away from Paranesti and is part of the Lepida forest. It is a relatively small waterfall as the distance from top to bottom is 15m but the landscape makes up for the small size: a picturesque pond surrounded by oak trees and alder woods and a leisure area waiting for you to relax in or gather your friends and enjoy an outdoors luncheon.

Distance from the Hotel: 62km

Lepida Waterfall

Lepida waterfall lays in the mountainous area of Paranesti, 23km north of the town.

After driving 4km on the dirt road outside Dipotama we find the waterfall’s kiosk and from there we witness a truly marvelous site! There is a 700m footpath going down the hill and among beech trees and mountain oaks.

The water falls from 30 meters high and the staggered arrangement of the rocks adds to a magnificent scenery!

Distance from the Hotel: 68km

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