Cultural Events

The folklore in the greater area of Drama shows a unique interest not only for the variety of events or the energy behind them, but also for the continuous presence of them since the antiquity and through the byzantine period.

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Momoyeri / Kallifytos Cultural Association

2 January

The custom of Momoyeri is revived every year after New Year’s Day. It’s a type of folk pantomime that used to take place in a number of villages in the area of Pontos (the area around the Black Sea). The participants are dressed up like old men.

Distance from the Hotel: 7km

Arapides / Monastiraki Cultural Association

January 6

Events here take place on the day of Epiphany. The main figures of that day are the “Arapides”, dressed in distinctive high hoods out of goat skin and heavy cow bells around their waist. After visiting door to door every house in the village, drinking alcohol and teasing everyone in sight, they end up in the main square where they take to an intense circular dancing.

Distance from the Hotel: 6km

Arapides / Arkoudes / Traditional Wedding / “bara Day”

6-7-8 January

“Bara Day” takes place on January 6th. It is the revival of an old custom in which the newly weds make a stop at the Jesus Christening Fountain for health and prosperity. “Arapides” is an age old custom with peculiar costumes and pagan festivities (drinking and dancing until you drop and cheeky behavior) while the next day (January 8th) there is a reenactment of the local wedding day and the custom of “arkoudes” takes place. The day is dedicated to the elderly mid wife which in essence reveals the parental character of the celebration.

Distance from the Hotel: 36km

Arapides / Pirgi

6 January

On Epiphany Day and the one following that , a lot of noisy events take place that involve animal costumes, cow bells, teasing and non- stop partying!

Distance from the Hotel: 21km

Arapides / Xiropotamos

6-7 January

On January 7th here in Xiropotamos, as well as Monastiraki on the same day, the day of Arapides is celebrated. The disguised Arapides knock on every door as early as the break of dawn and they don’t stop screaming and shouting and teasing everybody until very late in the night.

Distance from the Hotel: 8km

Pagoneri “Arapides Carnival”

6 January

A slightly different Arapides Day celebration takes place in Pagoneri on Epiphany Day ( January 6 ), as the participants with their animal like costumes and big bells are flanked by additional characters such as the “Gupsy”, the “Bride” and the “Doctor” (hatli).

Distance from the Hotel: 54km

Babougera / Traditional Local Wedding Reenactment/ Pagoneri

6-7-8 January

In Kali Vrisi the most awaited holiday is the three days of Babougera ( 6-7-8 of January). It is about men dressed up in animal skins with cow bells tied around them, that wander around the village making noise and lifting everyone’s spirits sky high. The last day of Babougera is celebrated by the reenactment of a traditional wedding during which the make believe priest mimics mostly the civil ceremony than the religious one.

Distance from the Hotel: 23km

Babiden / Petrousa

7-8 January

The most important traditional festivity of Petrousa, is the day of the mid-wife (Babo) “Babiden” that revives every day on the 7th and 8th of January. This event has a parental character as “Babo” symbolizes the elder women that would offer their experience and expertise to help younger women during labor. The high light of the events is the presence of a camel that symbolizes the endurance during difficult times.

Distance from the Hotel: 13km


Kalithea Carnival / Kalithea Cultural Association

Ash Monday Eve

Cultural events with local treats and the burning of the Carnival Spirit. The age old custom of big fires lives on and takes place on the last Sunday before Lent. It is a ritual of repent and catharsis that ends up in a big spree and in the lighting of great cathartic fires, for which big piles of cedar logs are used.

Distance from the Hotel: 26km

Choristi Carnival

Ash Monday

Until recently Choristi Carnival was an exclusively folklore event limited to the community of Choristi. Nowadays the traditional character has been dropped and it is open to a wider audience, as it includes samba dancing, theme vehicles and parades.

Distance from the Hotel: 7km


Paranesti Virgin Forest Mountain Trail

2 May
Website: https://paranestivft.com/
Distance from the Hotel: 40km

National Seed Exchange Festival / Pelliti Community

2 May

Webpage: https://peliti.gr/
Distance from the Hotel: 40km

Doxato Horse Racing

2 May

Distance from the Hotel: 15km

Anastenaria / Maurolefki Cultural Association

20-22 May

The most important event of Saint Konstantin’s and Saint Helen’s day is the fire walking, a ceremony where the participants after initiatory procedures walk on burning coals bare foot.

Distance from the Hotel: 12km


ΔΕΚΠΟΤΑ: Liberation Day

June 19th – July 8th

Corn Festival / Kalampaki Cultural Association

During the summer the Kalampaki Public Developing Company holds the “Summer Corn Festival”. The festivities include long weekends with dancing and music and free distribution of corn bread, grilled corn, boiled corn, pop corn and other corn products.


Fillipi International Festival

Early July – Late august

Distance from the Hotel: 38km


Assumption Of Holy Mary / Pagoneri Cultural Association

15 August

The most important date for Pagoneri is August 15th, when the local church ( church of the Assumption) celebrates. The festival takes place at the picturesque village square, under the sycamore tree, with food, traditional music and all night dancing for everyone!

Distance from the hotel: 54km


International Short Film Festival of Drama

Mid September

Website: www.dramafilmfestival.gr

Wine Tasting / Vine & Wine of Terra Oedonida

End of September


Festivities in Honor of Agia Varvara (Patron saint of Drama)

3-4 December

Oniroupoli (Dream City)

Anything can change in this City if you want it to!

The biggest Christmas festival of the country takes place here, “ in the City where anything can change if you want it to, in the City where all your dreams come true”.

Every year for a whole month, starting December 4th, Drama puts on her best smile and the jolliest mood and awaits the younger and the older to embrace them!

Enter the dream and enjoy your own magical tour!

Website: www.oneiroupoli.gr

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