Ktima Vivlia Chora

Ktima Vivlia Chora is on the hill side of Mount Paggeo, in Kokkinochori, Kavala. Oenologists Vasilis Tsachtsarlis and Vangelis Gerovasiliou, started in 1998 a vineyard of organic agriculture that now spreads over 350 acres.

This winery aims at the production of high quality wines that fully express the unique ecosystem of Mount Paggeo. To achieve this goal, the farming of the vineyard and the vinification are executed with great care capitalizing the knowledge and experience of the founders and combining tradition with technology.

Website: www.bibliachora.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 67km

Ktima Genima Psichis / Manolesakis Estate

In 1989 Giorgos Manolesakis introduced in his vineyards, in Adriani Drama, a number of international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah as well as domestic ones, like Assyrtiko, that adjusted perfectly to the Adriani climate.

Further development of the knowledge on vine farming is an ongoing process, which ultimately leads to the production of quality wines. As every other living organism, the grape also requires constant care throughout the year. The people at Manolesakis winery, attuned to the laws of Nature, take fully care of the vineyard and in returned are provided with high quality product, the perfect reward of their efforts. Constantly searching for novelties Manolesakis has furthered his list by adding domestic varieties such as Malagouzia, Agiorgitiko and Muscat.

Website: www.manolesakis.gr
Distance from the hotel: 12χλμ

Ktima Costa Lazaridi

Covering a total surface of 15.000 square meters which includes a winery of exemplary architecture, distilleries, under soil cellars for wine aging and areas for hosting wine enthusiasts, our Estate, the life time work of Costa Lazaridis, is in the front line of wine makers of Greece since 1992.

Website: www.domaine-lazaridi.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 12,5km

Ktima Michailidi

The vision of Iordanis Michailidis consists of local wines that express in depth the character of the land they come from as well as the personal touch of the wine maker. By not forcing a huge production ( 600 kilos / acre), by a speedy transportation of the grapes to the winery and by the help of modern equipment for the vinification, we ensure the minimum interference on the raw material.

Website: www.domaine-michaelidi.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 13km

Ktima Nico Lazaridi

Feel free to wander around our two wineries, Chateau Nico Lazaridi in Agora, Drama and Macedon in Platanotopos, Kavala, our vineyards, the distilleries and art hall “Magiko Vouno”. In those areas you will find all the information you need about our products, the production process, the vinification, the distributors, news and events of our company whilst you gaze upon important pieces of art.

Website: www.chateau-lazaridi.com
Distance from the Hotel: 17km

Ktima Oenogenesis

Babis Tsalkos is a typical case where the creator’s reputation exceeds that of the creation (Ktima Oenogenesis).

Having worked for a number of years as Nico Lazaridis’s head oenologist and creator of “Magiko Vouno”, with studies on wine making in France, Tsalkos spent those last years on his own project, Oenogenesis Estate, in his home town of Doxato, Drama.

Distance from the Hotel: 15km

Ktima Pavlidi

Ktima Pavlidi is located in kokinogia, Drama, on the hill side of Mount Falakro, not far from Aggitis Cave and the ski center of Mount Falakro.

Established in 1998 by Christoforos Pavlidis, whose persistent serch led him to this side of Drama where he installed his winery.

Website: www.ktima-pavlidis.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 19km

Ktima Techni Inou

The people at Ktima Techni Inou share an everlasting enthusiasm about making high quality wines that is perfectly expressed in the winery’s labels.

That passion for perfection led to the creation of exceptional wines that were loved.

Website: www.wineart.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 7km

Simeonidis Winery

Simeonidis Winery has an enviable team-all sharing the same passion for producing quality wine-of university-trained oenologists and experts in viticulture.

The winery makes wine using grapes from its own vineyard, comprising 7 hectares (17.3 acres), and from vineyards owned by local farmers. Taking advantage of the finest raw material and being encouraged by their collaboration with a great number of faithful to the tradition vineyard cultivators, they produce wines characterized by high-quality standards.

Website: www.simeonidiswinery.gr
Distance from the Hotel: 52km

Estate Chatzigeorgiou

Estate Chatzigeorgiou was founded in 1952 by Vasileios Chatzigeorgiou, a pioneer and visionary farmer. He conducted a private land redistribution and formed an estate of 18.5 acres in Kariani.

Website: www.estatechatzigeorgiou.com
Distance from the Hotel: 59km

Mountain Vineyards Lalikos

Konstantinos Lalikos owns an impressive land planted, exclusively, with French varieties and located on one of the highest Paggaio points, at a height of 750 meters. The new winery of the family enterprise was completed before the vintage of 2005 and is situated in the region of Palaia Kavala. The wines produced here, exhibit a character expressing the distinguishing qualities of the cultivated varieties Viognier, Grenache rouge, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet, Merlot, Muscat Blanc, Tannat, Syrah and Sauvignon, as well as the regional terroir and the mastery and temperament of the winemaker.

Distance from the Hotel: 36km

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