Drama Archeological Museum

The archeological museum of Drama covers a wide time spectrum, all the way from the Paleolithic era (50.000 years ago) featuring traces of hunting activities in the cave of Aggitis, until recent times (1914).

Working Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 08:30 – 20:00, Monday: 13:30 – 20:00
Distance from the Hotel: 500m

Philippi Archeological Museum

The Philippi archeological museum was built in the 60’s by architects I. D. Triantafyllidis and D. Fatouros on the edge of the archeological site of Philippi. The building features two floors of a permanent collection with findings of the ancient city of Philippi.

Working Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
Telephone: 2510 516251
Distance from the Hotel: 23km

Amfipoli Archeological Museum

The Amfipoli Archeological Museum is a multifunctional complex of people and facilities, aiming to protect and highlight the antiquities. Through the exhibition one becomes familiar with the course of the city and the greater area, through the ages.

The excavations are non- stop and nobody can tell what will be revealed next!

The exhibition is organized as follows:
Ι) Pre historic times
ΙΙ) Early Historic times
ΙΙΙ) Classic and Hellenistic times
ΙV) Roman times
V) Early Christian times
VI) Byzantine Times

Working Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 08:30 – 15:00
Telephone: 23220 32474
Distance from the Hotel: 50km

Paranesti Natural History Museum

Paranesti is a picturesque town, 40 km away from Drama, halfway between Drama and Xanthi.

The museum started working in October 2002 and its aim is to inform the public about the natural environment of Rodopi and the valey of Nestos river, thus being the gateway to one of the country’s richest ecosystems.

Working Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 08.00 – 14.30, Sunday 11.00 – 14.30
Telephone: 25243 50100
Distance from the Hotel: 40χλμ

Fort Lisse

Fort Lisse is just outside Ochiro village and about 2 km away from Neyrokopi. It is in this fort that the Greek army fought bravely against the German and Bulgarian divisions on the 6th and 7th of April 1941. Against the furious attempts and assaults of the intruders, the fort was never occupied but instead was surrendered to the Germans after the signing of the treaty between Greece and Germany.

The German troops saluted the Greek soldiers and treated them as heroes during the surrendering of the fort.
In memory of this battle and to honor the men who lost their lives a small museum has been built on the spot and scheduled visits inside the fort and through the tunnels is a unique experience for younger and older crowds.
The manpower of the fort was made up of 12 officers and 457 soldiers.

Because of the secrecy and the need to camouflage, th effort is very hard to spot from the outside.

Website: www.ochiro.eu
Telephone: 2523 350144
Distance from the Hotel: 40km

Mylopotamos Aquarium

Housed in a refurbished old water mill, by the springs of Mylopotamos, the aquarium hosts fresh water fish only, mostly from the rivers Nestos and Strymonas.

The fresh water fish are one of the most important parts of our country’s fauna and is considered by experts the most endangered one.

Out of 154 species that live in Greek lakes and rivers, 83 of them (almost 66% of the overall population) live exclusively in our country, are very rare, endangered and unknown to the majority of us.

The aquarium operates by scheduled appointments.
Telephone: 25210 81579
Distance from the Hotel: 7km

Wax Museum

The newly operating museum opened its gates for the public on March 25th 2010 and is located in Kipia, Kavala, near Paggeo mountain.

The museum hosts wax statues of Greek and international celebrities, like Aliki Vougiouklaki, Melina Merkouri, Madonna, Michael Jackson and others.

Website: www.kerinaomoiomata.gr
Telephone: 6937 803780, 6976 519429
Distance from the Hotel: 47km

Park of Preying Birds

This theme park is located in Agora, Drama in a beautiful natural environment. At the park, the visitor can get familiar with a number of preying birds, nocturnal and diurnal and wander around the exhibition hall to watch videos, photos and other bird related items.

The experience climaxes with a breathtaking demonstration of free flying of the birds. You will never forget the spectacle of hawks diving on the bait, flying high and diving back again at full speed vertically or maneuvering.

Web site: www.arpaktika.gr
Telephone: 25210-26590, 25210-71794
Distance from Hotel: 17km

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