The ski center of Falakro mountain is located 45 km from Drama and it’s one of the biggest and well equipped ski centers of the country. It covers an area of 600 square kilometers and the main facilities are in the Agio Pnevma plateau, in an altitude of 1720 meters.  The furthest of the chalets offers a unique view from 2110 meters above sea level.The ski center offers the guests four (4) lifts, a four persons aerial disengageable chair, an aerial two persons chair and four baby lifts that serve the 20 plus ski slopes (total length of the slopes : over 20km). Access to the ski center is easy thanks to a modern road network and a particularly safe and well thought out route

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Distance from the Hotel :  45km

Source: https://www.taxidologio.gr/drama-todo-ski-resort-falakro.html


The greater area of Drama is full of natural stages such as the ones in Falakro mountain and the ones in Menoikio and Lekani mountains, in which you can exercise paragliding. The paraglider could use the take off stage of Pirgoi-Petrousa (1200m altitude) in a southeast, south and southwest orientation. The path from the village of Pirgi that leads to the take off stage is 3km, easy to drive on, dirt road. Alternatively, one could also take off using the stage of Korilovos hill in Drama (650m. altitude) in a southeast, south and southwest orientation. The plain of Drama is an ideal landing space. Getting to Korilovos hill is very easy as it is a 5 minute drive from the city.

Aiolos Flight Club

Rafting in Nestos River

Nestos river and the valley that surrounds it is a place of magnificence! The greater area is  characterized by the abundance of the only riparian forest of Greece, known as “the Great Forest”. Rafting turns you from an observant to a participant of this wonderful landscape!

Rafting in Nestos river , inflatable boat (minimum number of presons : four)


Start Point

Duration in the river

Total Duration

Level of Difficulty

Short route (for the whole family)Simvoli Arkoudorema-Nestos up to Paranesti45 minutes1 hour and 30 minutes2.5
Long route(8+ yearsold)Platanovrisi water dam up to Paranesti2 hours4 hours2.5-3
Web Site : www.forestis.gr

Krinides Mud Bath

Greece is amongst those privileged countries that nature not only provided them with a rich landscape but also with medicinal and therapeutic springs, such as the one in Krinides, kavala. Krinides mud bath, a combination of mud and hot springs, were widely known for their therapeutic character since antiquity.

Distance from the Hotel: 25km

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